An 11 year old boy designed a bike that he and his cousin could ride together. Simon wanted his cousin to come on bike rides with him but Lisandro has spina bifida, which makes it hard for him to walk as well as ride a normal bike.

Simon had the idea to create a special bike that Lisandro and his wheel chair could be in. The boys took their idea to a blacksmith and had a bike with a sidecar ramp designed with a special mechanism where Lisandro can help Simon pedal. Now the boys can go on all kinds of adventures together!


Kid Designs Bike That Allows His Disabled Cousin To Ride With Him

This 11-year-old boy designed a bike so his cousin who suffers from spina bifida could go on bike rides with him ❤️️?Ruptly

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, July 8, 2019