Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan – Monday – Friday 3 to 8pm

I’m Mike Sullivan but most people call me Sully. You can refer to me as either…or as my wife calls me when I come home…”Hey, take your shoes off please!”

I was born and bred in Bloomington, Indiana and a proud graduate of Bloomington North High School and Indiana University. Yes, I’m obviously a huge Hoosier sports fan with way too many great hoops memories to count, along with the Colts, Pacers and Reds.

I’ve been in radio mostly on than off since 1977. I don’t just love being behind the microphone, I love being in front of people, emceeing, acting, dancing, even some stand-up comedy. I also have owned and operated my own DJ service for more than 30 years. I’ve been married to my wife, Becky, since 2003. our baby is a Shitz-zu names buddy.

When I’m not at work you might hear me swearing at one of my many errant shots at a nearby golf course, or biking around my home of Franklin. I also love to read a lot, work jigsaw and crossword puzzles and spend time with my great family.

I love my country, too and hope that shows when we’re together Monday through Friday from 3 to 7pm on Indiana Country, 101.5 WKKG!