Jelly Roll Lost 50 Lbs. While Training For His First 5K Race

This week, Jelly Roll completed his first 5K race as part of the Netflix Is a Joke Comedy Festival, which runs through May 12 in Los Angeles.

His wife, Bunnie XO said: “So proud of my baby doing the 5k & losing 50 lbs. to do it!” To celebrate, the two took a cold plunge bath. The 39-year-old has been training for the event since January.

Jelly Roll told Entertainment Tonight, that he felt “really, really good,” about completing his first race, and said that he “couldn’t walk a mile,” when he first started training for it. He’s now motivated about his own fitness journey.

He said: “I think the coolest thing is how many people stopped to tell us that they were motivated by us, other big guys. It was just really cool to see that.” The Grammy-nominated artist, said that one of the most rewarding parts of being in the 5K was getting to be an inspiration for others. He revealed that for next year, he plans to do a half marathon.

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