Harvey Weinstein Will Be Re-Tried After Overturned Rape Conviction

Manhattan prosecutors confirmed they will retry producer Harvey Weinstein on rape and sexual assault charges after his conviction was overturned. At a hearing attended by Weinstein and one of his accusers, Jessica Mann, prosecutors informed the judge that they believed in the case and would proceed with a new trial. Weinstein’s lawyer stated that his client, who appeared haggard in court and was handcuffed to a wheelchair, maintains his innocence.

A jury had previously found Weinstein guilty of criminal sexual act in the first-degree and third-degree rape in 2020. However, the conviction was overturned in April due to errors made during the trial, including the admission of testimony regarding uncharged “prior sexual acts.” Both sides indicated that they could be ready for a retrial by fall. Weinstein was also sentenced to 16 years in prison for a separate rape trial in Los Angeles.