Advocacy group continues focus on helping Bartholomew animals

A Bartholomew County animal advocacy group says it does not condone unlawful or harmful actions in pursuit of its goals to help animals.

That comes after allegations that its members trespassed on a farm and harassed the farm’s family over the living conditions of a dog there.

A farmer’s family made the accusations at last week’s Bartholomew County Commissioners meeting but there was no one attending from the animal advocacy group, Change 4 Bartholomew County to present their side. Yesterday, several members of the group took part virtually. Nancy Ray, an organizer for the group, disputed the complaints, but said the group will take the high road, focusing on goals for the new year.

She said that includes establishing and maintaining a “positive, productive working relationship with the County Commissioners and County Animal Control.” She said that will allow them to improve the lives of animals in Bartholomew County.

She said that the group wants to help voiceless animals in the county.