Annexations to add 14 acres to city of Columbus

Columbus will be adding almost 14 acres to the city limits under two annexations approved last night by the City Council.

The council gave its final approval to annexing 1.5 acres in the 4100 block of West County Road 25S in Columbus Township. The property is a single family home and is zoned for agricultural use. City/County Planning Director Jeff Bergman said that the owners want to hook up to city water and sewer and have no plans to develop the property. The property is essentially surrounded by other properties that are already in the city, Bergman said.

Annexation of just over 12 acres of property on County Road 300W, north of State Road 58 in the Woodside area received its first approval from the council. Bergman said that these two properties are part of a group of 10 homes that have essentially become surrounded by industrial development over the years. The owners also requested rezoning from agricultural use, to heavy industrial. The owners do not have any current plans for development or to sell the property, but asked for the zoning change for future possibilities.

Bergman asked the Council to approve requirements that if the property is redeveloped that street improvements be required before it turns to an industrial use. That would include widening the street to 12 foot lanes and adding curbs and gutters.