Annual SALUTE! concert returns with limits in place

The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic will be performing again on the Bartholomew County Courthouse lawn on Friday, May 28th for the return of the annual SALUTE! concert.

Heidi Kelley, executive director of the orchestra, explains that this year’s concert will include safety precautions both amongst the audience and among the musicians.

Unlike previous years, lawn chairs can not be set up until 5 that Friday night. Color-coded wristbands will be issued, starting at 5, indicating which zone you can sit in.

The orchestra suggests that you remain socially distanced during the performance and keep masks on when you are away from your group.

The orchestra will be smaller than normal and musicians will be spaced out to one per music stand. Conductor David Bowden will also be moved further away from the musicians.

The concert starts at 7 p.m.