Authorities recover contents of Greenwood shooter’s phone

Greenwood police have released what the FBI found on the phone of the shooter at the Greenwood Park Mall last July.

The FBI unlocked the phone last May and found pictures of Adolf Hitler, Nazi propaganda, and guns. Also found were several graphic videos of other mass shootings.

The 20-year-old also took a picture of a handwritten suicide note saying, “My final thoughts on paper.” The shooter went on to write, “I’m a sociopath, I want to hurt people.”

He admitted to once shooting himself with a shotgun, saying it was a result of “mental instability, depression, frustration, and sexual isolation.”

Police believe the shooters homicidal thoughts had been manifesting for years because that note had been written two years prior.

There was another text, left in the drafts, that he was going to send to his brother a month before the shooting. In the text, the shooter said he was going to shoot himself.

Police say they did not find anything related to the Greenwood Park Mall shooting on July 17, 2022.

Story courtesy of Network Indiana. Greenwood Park Mall photo courtesy of RTV