Authorities searching for suspects in Bartholomew carjacking

Bartholomew County authorities are looking for your help finding suspects in a carjacking near Taylorsville this week.

According to the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department, a woman reported at about 10:41 p.m. Wednesday night that she was leaving the Taylorsville area on East County Road 650N when a vehicle pulled up behind her with flashing blue lights and blinking its headlights. Thinking that the pursuers were law enforcement, she pulled over.

That’s when two men wearing black clothing approached her vehicle and displayed a handgun. They pulled her out of the vehicle, pointed the weapon at her and threatened her life. Then they took off in her vehicle. They left her to walk back to Taylorsville which took about 30 minutes, before she could call for police.

Deputies say that authorities were also called to a vehicle fire about six miles away from the carjacking site, and discovered that the car appeared to be the victims.

The witness reports that the two men were in their mid 20s with stocky builds and they spoke English. She said they drove a blue passenger car, but did not get a make or model.

If you have any information on the incident, deputies ask you to call the department at 812-565-5926.

Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department