Authorities warn of dangers to pets in extreme cold weather

Columbus Animal Care Services is warning that with the dangerously low temperatures, pets must be brought indoors.

According to the agency, city ordinances require animals be brought inside if is 20 degrees. Officials say that if it is too cold outside for you, it is too cold for your pets.

The city shelter is also warning of the danger to pets of rock salt that you may be using to melt ice and snow. Once pets walk on rock salt it can become stuck to their paws, or they might try to drink water outside that has been thawed by the deicer. Ingesting the rock salt in any significant amounts can be dangerous or deadly to cats and dogs. The agency suggests that you consider using deicers that are labeled as “pet safe.”

Bartholomew County Commissioners President Larry Kleinhenz is also urging you to take steps to protect your animals in this extreme cold. He says you need to make sure bedding is dry, they are out of the wind and having a tight enclosure is absolutely necessary in this weather.