Bartholomew County has four deaths in newest COVID-19 tally

There have now been four deaths from COVID-19 in Bartholomew County. The Indiana State Department of Health morning update also reports 6 deaths in Decatur County, 1 death in Brown County and 7 deaths in Johnson County.

The state is reporting 5,507 positive test results for COVID-19 in the state and 173 deaths as of this morning’s update.

Bartholomew County has 55 positive test results, with 90 in Decatur, 41 in Jennings, 40 in Jackson, 8 in Brown, 212 in Johnson and 41 in Shelby counties.

Marion County has the highest numbers in the state with 2141 confirmed cases and 48 deaths.

There have been 28,764 tests reported to the health department.