Bartholomew County Road conditions for Friday morning

According to the Bartholomew County Emergency Management Department, you could find some slick roads and high water in places out there this morning.

Shannan Cooke, emergency management director for the county, says following last evening’s precipitation, untreated roads are likely to be slick this morning, with subfreezing temperatures continuing until at least midday today.

You should use caution if traveling.

High Water

  • 400W north of Deaver Rd.
  • SR11 south of 650 S
  • 300E near 600S
  • 500N west of SR9
  • 200S east of 900E


  • SR58 – right before Mt Healthy Rd
  • 500S west of 300E
  • 750E south of 300S
  • S Gladstone Ave near the bridge