Updated: Bartholomew County Roads closed, high water

Updated: 6 p.m. Saturday

The Bartholomew County Emergency Management Department reports the following roads closed, or with high water as of 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

  • County Road 410 N between 1000E and State Road 46 will be closed for several weeks due to a pipe washed out from flooding.

  • Just north of 534 N. County Road 500W.

  • Bonnell Road between 25th Street and County Road 250E.

  • West Lowell Road/ County Road North 500W.

  • County Road 500N between State Road 9 and County Road 1000E closed because of high water.

  • County Road 800N/Baseline Rd

  • County Road 800N west of State Road 9

  • County Road 800N at 575E

  • County Road 800N west of 325E high water

  • County Road 525W just north of Youth Camp Road

  • County Road E 450N at 475E

  • Old Nashville Road near the transfer station has deep water.

  • County Road 500E at 250N

  • County Road 500E at 275N

  • Wolfcreek Road just south of 194 N. Wolfcreek Road is impassable with high water

  • County Road 500N east of State Road 9.

  • State Road 9 north of County Road 900N.

  • Area of 760 Jonesville Rd.

  • Goeller Boulevard west of State Road 46.

  • Stafford Road and County Road 900E.

  • Raintree Drive northwest of Country Club Rd.

  • County Road 400W at 200S

  • County Road 200N at 1140E, fast-moving water over the bridge.

  • South Gladstone at the bridge south of the “S” curves

  • County Road 200N in the area of the Decatur County line.

  • Newburn Road at County Road 450N
  • Newburn Road at County Road 425N

    Newburn Road at County Road  225N is closed