Bartholomew County to seek ban on bio-solid imports

Bartholomew County Commissioners are considering new rules about how processed human waste can be used on local farm fields.

This week the commissioners tasked the county attorney with drafting an ordinance that would ban the use or even storage of bio-solids being shipped in from other communities. Bio-solids are a nutrient rich material that is extracted from sewage at wastewater treatment facilities to be used as an agricultural fertilizer.

County Commissioners President Larry Kleinhenz said the process has raised questions after plans were proposed by a local company to bring the material here from other communities.

Commissioner Tony London said that the county has no desire to regulate the use of bio-solid material that originates in Bartholomew County, a process that has been going on for more than 40 years. However, there are concerns about the safety and sanitation processes happening on the waste coming from other communities. He said improperly treated materials can cause diseases and runoff can be dangerous.

Kleinhenz said that county attorney Grant Tucker would draft an ordinance for the commissioners consideration and community input