Bartholomew courts apply for grants to fund interpreters, security

Bartholomew County courts will seek more money for interpreters, after a change recommended by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Bobbie Shake, grant administrator for the county, sought approval yesterday from the Bartholomew County Commissioners for a grant application to seek $11,500 to pay certified court interpreters.

Up until now, the county has been using uncertified translators who are cheaper, but the Supreme Court is recommending the change to certified interpreters, which will cost the county more. Previously, Circuit Court applied for a grant for court interpreters, but other courts did not. That led to an emergency funding request last year when Superior Court 2 needed to pay for an interpreter.

Shake suggested that all the courts would apply for the state grant together, allowing for more flexibility and funding for interpreters.

Shake also presented a new grant application for $132 thousand dollars to improve court security and technology. The grant would cover wayfinding computer screens on each floor of the courthouse that would direct visitors to the appropriate court room, as well as a computerized check-in system so that those appearing in court won’t have to check in with court staff.

Commissioners voted to approve the grant applications.