Bartholomew emergency crews to be deployed strategically during eclipse

Emergency officials say that police, firefighters and equipment will be strategically placed throughout Bartholomew County in anticipation of traffic congestion during Monday’s total solar eclipse.

Estimates are that the community population will be doubled or even tripled during Monday’s eclipse event, tying up local roadways and making travel difficult even for emergency workers.

According to Bartholomew County Sheriff Chris Lane, the department will have extra deputies on shift and they will be deployed in strategic locations to make fast responses if needed.

Lane also said that the department will be making extensive use of its off-road vehicles because they can operate in tighter spots and during traffic jams.

The department is also going to have its fleet of drones ready to deploy to assess the situation and a commercial helicopter is available if needed.

Capt. Mike Wilson with the Columbus Fire Department and Lt. Matt Harris with the Columbus police explained that their units will be standing by at some of the large community events and other anticipated hot spots during the hours around the eclipse.

Authorities said that CRH ambulances will also be deployed strategically.