Bartholomew landfill adds new compactor with grant funds

Bartholomew County has a new recycling compactor at the county landfill.

Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District has installed the new compactor that has more capacity than the roll-off containers previously used at the landfill. That allowed the landfill to save more than $3,000 in transportation costs since it was installed in August.

The district paid for the new equipment with a more than $29 thousand dollar Community Recycling Grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, which required a 50 percent match by the district.

The new compactor can accept:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs marked with a #1 or #2 recycling symbol. Lids can be left on the bottles and jugs.
  • Steel and aluminum cans
  • Glass bottles and jars with lids removed

Styrofoam, plastic bags, and other plastics  not marked with #1 or #2 should not be put in the compactor. Bagged recyclables and cardboard should not go in the compactor. There are separate bins for cardboard and mixed paper.

All recyclables should be empty, clean, and loose.

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Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District.