BCSC adopts COVID-19 guidelines for start of school year

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools have adopted a set of COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions for the new school year.

The school board this week approved a draft plan from the district staff guiding the reopening of the schools.

The plan recommends the use of face coverings be optional for all staff members and students. However, they are recommended for those at risk or who are not vaccinated.

Masks will be required on school buses, due to the federal mandate for masks on public transportation.

Parents spoke for and against the plan at Monday night’s meeting.

Dr. Tamara Iorio, a local pediatrician, said that masks work:

Dr. Amy Hale, a local physician and parent, urged the schools to follow CDC guidance, especially on masking young children who can’t yet get vaccinated.

Angie Grimes, a parent of five, said that parents are responsible for their children’s health. She said that a teacher chastised her daughter after overhearing that she would not be getting the vaccine.

Grimes said that the teacher then showed the entire class a video from Vox Media which stated that COVID-19 is worse than the flu.

Among other measures approved by BCSC, the plan recommends physical distancing of 3 feet in classrooms. However contact tracing will be conducted for those who are within six feet of each other. And the use of hallway lockers will be allowed, but managed to limit opportunities for large group gatherings.