BCSC and teachers union unveil new contract details

A proposed new contract between the Columbus Educators Association and Bartholomew Consolidated Schools would see teachers gaining an average 6 percent pay increase in each of the next two school years.

Under the proposed pay plan, starting teachers would see their pay rise from the current $39,065 to $44,600 in the contract’s second year. The top of the pay scale for teachers would be $83,600, with a $90,000 salary including referendum increases.

Amy London with the CEA said that the top salary would be comparable to other area professions that require a similar level of education.

Teachers would be paid $30 an hour for extra-curricular duties.

The BCSC school board held a special meeting Monday afternoon to hear the proposal. CEA members will vote on the contract Thursday and Friday and the proposal will return to the school board on Monday for its approval.

Photo: Chad Phillips and Amy London present details of the new teachers union contract. WRB screenshot photo