BCSC schools feature new safety equipment

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools have new security features in place to protect students and staff. Those include more centrally controlled outside door locks, locks on classroom doors and a laminated window covering that prevents windows from breaking.

Dr. Brett Boezeman, director of operations for the school district, updated the school board last night on the safety upgrades and other construction projects.

Boezeman explained the installation of the centrally controlled outside door locks which require visitors to be buzzed into the school building. Those are called A phones

Interior classroom door locks have been installed at two schools, and installation at all schools is expected by Christmas.

Boezeman said that the district has also strategically installed a 3M laminated window treatment that prevents the glass from shattering if it is attacked by an assailant.

School board member James Persinger asked if that safety feature could prevent students and staff from breaking a window to escape the building, but Boezeman stressed that all of the locked doors can be opened with a push bar from the inside.

Boezeman also updated the board on other improvements in the district during the summer including the ongoing renovation of the Columbus East High School Auditorium, a new roof capable of hosting solar panels at Taylorsville Elementary and power washing of the exterior of Southside Elementary.