Better Business Bureau warns of package delivery scams

As many people are seeing a flurry of packages on their doorstep this time of year, the Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana is warning about scams involving package deliveries.

According to the consumer group, scammers are trying to fool people into giving out personal information, claiming that a package has been delayed. The scammers, whether by phone or by email, say that they are with a package delivery service and that an attempt to deliver a package to your home has failed. But then they claim that you must give them a credit card or private information in order to reschedule the delivery. Or online they may have you click on a link that takes you to a site with malware or viruses.

The agency warns that that caller may sound friendly and professional, and the email may look legitimate, making it harder to spot.

The Better Business Bureau warns that delivery companies will never contact customers by telephone to schedule a delivery and they will never ask for your personal or financial information to make that delivery.

You should track all incoming packages that you have ordered and ensure that you know when they are supposed to arrive. If you do have a problem with a legitimate delivery, contact the company directly through their customer suport contact information or through their website.