Better Business Bureau warns of social media scams

The Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana is warning about scams that prey on those during the Christmas season.

According to the consumer protection group, one of the more common scams is misleading or deceptive ads on social media. You could see ads claiming to be a local small business, asking you to support a charity with an order, or offering a free trial of a product.

However, the Better Business Bureau sees many reports from people who paid for an item they never received, or who thought they were getting a free trial, but instead have signed up for a monthly subscription service. And there are would-be customers who receive counterfeit items, or those that are much different than they ordered.

Online purchase scams are the most common complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker and the ones with the most victims.

You should check out the company before ordering or signing up. You can get more information including business profiles and reviews at