Board: City should sell Otter Creek Golf Course

The city of Columbus should try to sell the Otter Creek Golf Course. That’s a recommendation from the board of directors overseeing the operations of the city property.

The Otter Creek Management Corporation board of directors met last week to review the golf course operations. Chairman of the board, John McCormick said that the board doesn’t think it is right to ask the taxpayers to make the capital investments to return the course to its former prominence, while still remaining financially viable. Nor is the city able to make that investment, he said.

But he said that the course, gifted to the city in 1964 by Cummins executive J. Irwin Miller and Cummins, is not only a draw for the local golfers but is a revenue generator for the local business community, which serves as a destination golfing experience for the whole Midwest.

The clubhouse and golf course need substantial improvements to the golf course itself and the club house. Needed course repairs include the cart path, the irrigation system, erosion control and tree removal. The clubhouse needs renovations inside and out as well as to its mechanical systems.

The board recommended that should the city put the course up for sale that the provisions of the sale would require the new owner to restore the property to its former standards.

Should the city agree to put the course up for sale, any decisions would need to be made by Columbus City Council.

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