Boil water advisory issued for Nashville residents

Nashville Utilities has issued a boil-water advisory for some of its customers in the area of Van Buren, Gould, Mound and Main streets due to a water main repair.

Affected addresses include:

  • 26 N Honeysuckle Ln to 135 N Honeysuckle Ln.
  • 10 N Van Buren to 194 N Van Buren
  • 23 N Jefferson St., to 161 N. Jefferson St.
  • 60 Molly’s Ln.
  • 44 W Gould St. to 91 W Gould St.
  • 44 Printers Ln.
  • 49 W Mound St. to 91 W Mound St.
  • 40 Main St. to 46 W Main St.

Customers should bring all water to a full boil for five minutes before drinking it or using it in food preparation.

The boil water advisory is in effect until 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon. You can get more information by calling (812) 988-5526.