Bomb threat hoax scrambles authorities in Brown County

Nashville police say that a called in bomb threat and sniper threats on Friday appears to have been a hoax, committed by someone not even in the country.

The incident started at about 3:30 p.m. Friday when dispatchers received a phone call saying that multiple bombs had been placed inside and outside of the Out of the Ordinary and Hickory Bar Restaurant on South Van Buren Street. The person making the threat also said that they were watching the scene from nearby, that they had a sniper rifle and they were ready to shoot law enforcement officers.

Nashville Police, the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and Indiana Conservation Officers responded to the scene and called in the Indiana State Police Bomb Squad and the FBI. The state police bomb dogs searched the area and found that it was a false alarm.

Police say that the person making the threats appears to have been watching a live-view street camera while they were making the threats. Investigators say that they concluded the person making the calls was not in the area and appear to have been calling from overseas.

The case remains under investigation by the FBI.