Brown County Music Center donates $250k+ to community

The Brown County Music Center is donating more than a quarter of a million dollars to causes in the community.

According to the Brown County Community Foundation, the center yesterday announced the donation of $267,000 with the money going to the foundation and the county auditor’s office. The money comes from excess revenue generated through ticket, food and drink sales at the center.

The center’s funds to the foundation will be split between funds that support Arts and Culture and the greatest community needs. A portion are being invested into a long-term endowment, so that the income from that endowment generates grant money each year. The remaining portion of the music center funds will be distributed to the community through grants.

Christian Webb, executive director of the Brown County Music Center, said the center is partnering with the foundation for its ability to quickly and efficiently address community needs and direct support where it is most needed. Webb said that everyone in the community benefits from the music center in Nashville.