Bulldozer joyride leads to arrest in downtown Columbus

A Saturday morning joyride in a bulldozer led to the arrest of a Kentucky man in downtown Columbus.

According to police reports, Columbus officers were called out on a John Deere bulldozer driving recklessly near U.S. 31 and Hawcreek Boulevard at about 4 a.m. Saturday. Three Columbus police units with their lights activated tried to convince the driver to stop but he allegedly made obscene gestures at police while continuing to recklessly drive the bulldozer at speeds of up to 6 mph. He drove the vehicle, estimated at more than nine tons, over medians, drove near the People Trail and almost into Haw Creek.

Police called the sheriff’s department for assistance and Bartholomew County deputies arrived in the department’s armored vehicle. Shortly after deputies pulled beside the bulldozer and ordered him to stop, the driver stopped the vehicle in the Cummins Parking Lot near Third Street. 26-year-old Adam Jackson, of Gray, Ky. was taken into custody by deputies. He is facing charges of resisting law enforcement, vehicle theft and criminal recklessness.

Photos courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department.