Centerstone to open Columbus recovery home in June

Centerstone will be opening up a 12-bed substance abuse recovery home in Columbus this summer.

Jennifer Fillmore, director of grants and specialized services for Centerstone, explained that the not-for-profit mental health care provider has been greatly expanding its substance abuse efforts.

“It will be a 12-bed facility for men and this will be a home where men in recovery, really preferably from this community, can come and live in their community and work through their recovery issues, gain employment and really continue to be a part of the community with proper supports in place,” Fillmore said.

Courtney Pence, manager for residential substance abuse programs for Centerstone  says the facility will open June 1st. She talks about the services available at the new Columbus facility.

“We will be providing wrap-around services, on site,” she said. “So we will have a therapist, on site. We will be providing intensive out-patient services on site. We will have recovery coaches and a live-in monitor. We will have staff there 24 hours a day to ensure that the men living here have the full support they need o succeed in the community.”

She says there will be a screening process to determine who will be able to live at the home. The highest priority will be those coming out of the court recovery programs and the jail treatment program.

“The priorities would be high risk individuals mostly coming out of the problem-solving courts,” Pence said. “We are working very closely with the jail programs to make sure that these men have a shot at life. They have a shot to start over instead of go to prison. So we want to give those individuals an opportunity to really show that they can live a better life.”

The recovery home is opening on Whitney Court near the Columbus Municipal Airport. An open house for the new recovery home will be Friday, April 24th from 11 to 1.