CFD Capt. Noblitt retiring after 35 years

Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Department

A longtime member of the Columbus Fire Department will be retiring.

The Columbus Fire Department announced the retirement of Fire Inspector, Captain Matt Noblitt. Noblitt, who retires with 35 years of service. His official retirement day is Friday, Jan. 10th.

Noblitt was promoted to Administrative Captain in 2001 when he was named the department’s Public Information Officer. During his first year in that position, Noblitt drafted plans for what would late be recognized at “Tilly”, the department’s miniature tiller truck . Noblitt and his father, Robert Noblitt, and the department’s mechanical division, built Tilly in 2001 with the concept that Tilly could be used as a tool for fire safety education and community involvement.

In 2014, Noblitt was promoted Fire Inspector. As inspector, Noblitt was responsible for the annual inspections of public buildings and any new construction projects within the city, as well as the investigation of fires. Noblitt also a member of the Bartholomew County Fire Investigation Team. Noblitt’s also worked to revise and update of the City’s Fire Ordinance, which was signed info effect one year ago. Through the course of his 35 year career, Noblitt has served under 10 Fire Chiefs and four Mayors.

Columbus Fire Chief Andy Lay commends Noblitt for his contributions to the Department and Community, “Captain Noblitt has been an outstanding advocate for the safety of our community through his work in risk reduction and code enforcement. On behalf of the Columbus Fire Department, I thank Matt for his hard work and dedication, and I wish Matt the best in his well-deserved retirement.”

The Columbus Fire Department plans to announce Noblitt’s successor at a later date.