Cicada horde emerging soon, but largely harmless

You can expect a major racket when the Brood X cicada horde emerges within the next week or so. The Purdue extension office points out that the bugs are harmless to humans and pets but they could damage your trees.

Cora Jessie Carter, agriculture and natural resources educator with the Bartholomew County extension office explains.

She says that the bugs are not poisonous and they do not bite or sting. But they will chew on trees.

Purdue recommends that you use netting or bags to cover tress that are less than 3-4 years old, or that have stems smaller than a pencil because they are most at risk. Make sure that you buy netting for insects, and not birds. The holes should be smaller than a quarter of an inch.

We could see up to 1.5 million insects per acre. The emergence will last about six weeks, before the bugs go back to sleep for 17 more years.

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Photo courtesy of Purdue Extension.