Clinics set to update children’s immunizations

The Indiana Department of Health is partnering with county health departments around the state and other organizations to get kids caught up on their school immunizations through Start Smart immunization clinics.

State Health Commissioner Kris Box says immunization rates for diseases like measles, mumps and chicken pox have fallen 10 percent across Indiana over the past two years. She says that puts children at greater risk of highly contagious, yet highly preventable, diseases.

The state health department is mailing letters to parents of children whose state immunization records show they are behind on a required immunizations.

The clinics will be open to children ages 5 and older. Families will not be charged at the site of the clinic but should provide insurance information if available.

There are upcoming clinics planned in Edinburgh, Columbus, Nashville and North Vernon. To find immunization clinic times in Bartholomew County, you can contact the county health department at 812-379-1555.

You can find a link to the Start Smart map showing upcoming immunization links here.