Close-air support training canceled for today at Atterbury


Camp Atterbury is announcing that a planned exercise with a giant close combat support aircraft has been canceled for the day.

According to the Indiana National Guard, due to inclement weather, the live-fire training event with a AC-130J Ghostrider plane over the skies of Camp Atterbury and southern Indiana has been canceled for the day.

Camp Atterbury remains closed to the public today.

Previous version of the story:

A reminder that Camp Atterbury ranges will be training with aerial artillery tomorrow, as an AC-130J Ghostrider plane is expected to be overhead in our area.

The Air Force platform is a modified C-130 Hercules cargo plane outfitted for ground support. It is armed with a 105mm howitzer and 30 mm minigun. The plane will firing its weapons while it makes a 45 degree bank around its targets.

Versions of the gunship have been in use by the Air Force since the Vietnam War.

The training is scheduled from noon to 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Camp Atterbury Facebook page