Columbus fiber internet network hits first milestone

An effort to bring affordable high-speed fiber internet to Columbus homes has reached its first milestone with service available to the first 450 residences.

According to the city of Columbus, the first homes able to receive the service are in the big block of the city, encompassing 25th Street to Second Street and Central Avenue to Washington Street. According to Hoosier Fiber Networks, the company has already installed almost 175 thousand feet of fiber optic conduit in the city.

The internet service, available through GigabitNow, can provide speeds of up to 10 gigs up and down per second. There is also an option for free internet service of up to 250 megs per second for those who meet low income requirements through the federal Affordable Connectivity Plan. The city of Columbus is partnering with Hoosier Fiber Networks to provide the funds to drop the lines to homes that meet the income requirements.

Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop touted the high speed internet as an important component of making the city a place where people will want to choose to live, and said high speed internet is a requirement for many services and activities today, ranging from doctor’s appointments and schoolwork, to virtual work meetings and entertainment.

The services are expected to be rolled out to another 1200 homes by the end of the summer. You can get more information on the low-cost options, schedules and availability at