Columbus man accused of thefts from Seymour plant

A Columbus man was arrested for refusing to return equipment from his former employer in Seymour, police say.

According to the Seymour Police Department, Valeo North America reached out to police in January, saying that a former employee had used a company credit card for personal reasons and still had a company laptop, cell phone and adjustable computer desk, which he was would not return. Police say that the former employee was seen taking the items from the company.

During the investigation, police discovered that the former employee, 38-year-old James Persinger of Columbus, had spent more than $9,000 dollars on the company credit card, and police determined that the items taken were worth more than $2,300.

On Friday, a search warrant was served at Persinger’s home on Henry Drive in Columbus. Police found the missing items along with other computer equipment belonging to the company.

Persinger was arrested on preliminary charges of theft.