Columbus meeting to look at falling college enrollment

Indiana’s Commission on Higher Education will be holding a meeting in Columbus this week, focused on the decreasing college attendance trend in the state.

Charlee Beasor and Allison Kuehr, with the commission, will discuss research findings on one factor believed to be keeping Indiana students from attending higher education — the lack of perceived value.

Beasor is the associate commissioner for marketing and communications. Kuehr manages communications and media relations strategy for the commission. The two are leading a campaign to promote the value of education and training beyond high school.

Marsha VanNahmen, assistant director for the Center for Teaching and Learning at IUPUC said higher rates of higher education has a dramatic impact on the local economy. “…But education beyond high school also impacts the quality of life for individuals and families, including health outcomes,” she said

The event is open to the public and you are invited. It is hosted by IUPUC and Columbus AirPark College Campus partners.

The meeting will be at the Lecture Hall in the Columbus Learning Center on Central Avenue from 11 to 12:30 Friday.