Columbus moves forward with mall site redevelopment plan

Columbus is moving ahead with plans for a new economic development area around the former Fair Oaks Mall.

The Columbus Plan Commission signed off on the plan for a new midtown development area covering the Nexus Park area, through Lincoln Park and the south side of Greenbelt Golf Course.

The plan identifies two critical properties in the district, including the former CCG property at 17th Street and Central Avenue and properties around 23rd Street and Central Avenue.

The economic development plan outlines goals such as providing parks and recreational opportunities, provide infrastructure to promote business growth and to support amateur sports and sports tourism in the development area.

Eventually the goal is to allow Tax Increment Financing to be used to help pay for improvements and remove blight in the area.

The city and Columbus Regional Health purchased the 35-acre mall site at 25th Street and Central Avenue in 2018 with an eye to making the property into a health, wellness, sports and recreation center for the city.

The commission found that the midtown development plan is consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan.