Columbus museum provides grants funds for local arts projects

The Columbus Museum of Art and Design is announcing that it is providing grants funding for two local arts projects.

For the most recent grant cycle, CMAD asked applicants to focus on projects that engage the community through public visual art and design projects or experiences.

“Glass Breakfast – Columbus Artist Interviews” by Ian Carstens will
highlight local creative talent through a multi-media production, while Bartholomew County Historical Society will display local artwork in a gallery setting.

Carstens will hold video interviews with four local Columbus-area artists, to be exhibited in an online gallery space alongside their selected work at, with the short films also being submitted to the local YES film festival. Grant funds will cover the cost of production, post-production, and submission fees of these four artist interviews.

The historical society project will exhibit the work of two artists during a 46 month exhibition of BCHS art collection. The society will acquire a piece of each artists work for their permanent collection. The grant will allow visitors to view historic art at the museum, to discover local artists from the county, and to preserve art in the BCHS collection for years to come.

Grants are being awarded directly to individual professional artists/designers through a partnership with the Columbus Area Arts Council.

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