Columbus North student accused of having handgun

A report of a Columbus North High School student possibly in possession of a handgun resulted in three students facing charges. On Monday, Jan. 6, a student reported to a dean that the student may be in possession of a weapon. School Resource Officers from the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office and Columbus Police Department were immediately contacted and began an investigation. The student who was allegedly in possession of the handgun was spotted, along with three other students, by SRO Deputy Teancum Clark at the Taco Bell off 25th St.

As Deputy Clark approached the students, they reportedly fled the area. Deputy Clark located three of the four students, including the one who was alleged to be in possession of a gun. The fourth student got away but was later identified. The three students who were apprehended were taken to the Bartholomew County Juvenile Youth Services Center and are facing preliminary charges of Truancy and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Authorities say that no handgun was located. As the investigation continued throughout the evening, it was learned that the handgun had been thrown into nearby landscaping during the foot pursuit. After a thorough search by Deputy Clark and additional Deputies including a K9 unit, no gun was located. The ongoing investigation revealed that the fourth student who had evaded apprehension had later gone back to the scene and retrieved the handgun. Deputy Clark was able to track down the handgun along with an additional handgun, both of which had previously been reported as stolen through the Franklin Police Department.

Authorities believe that no staff or students were in danger on campus.

“I want to commend Deputy Clark and other SRO’s for taking this information seriously and working extensively throughout the night to bring quick and safe resolution. I also want to highlight the process of ‘See Something, Say Something’ being instilled in our students and its effectiveness in this incident,” said Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers.

BCSC Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts released the following statement:

“Obviously, it’s very concerning when we are made aware of a situation like this. However, we are pleased with the system we have put in place as it allows students to share information freely with us and for us to utilize our available resources to address allegations effectively and efficiently. These resources include the excellent partnership we maintain with both the Columbus Police Department and the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office in their provision of School Resource Officers.”