Columbus police add new ballistic shields to gear

Columbus Police Department is issuing new ballistic shields to officers.

According to the police department, the new devices will be issued to the department’s three patrol shifts as well as to school resource officers. The shields allow officers to have more protection when responding to emergency calls where ballistic weapons are involved in high-risk situations such as an active shooter or an armed robbery.

The shields can also be used to cover officers while they render aid to victims or evacuated the wounded, according to CPD.

The new shields are lighter and more maneuverable than previous generations. They also feature a viewport .

Every Columbus police officer will receive training on the proper use of the shields in the event they would ever need to be deployed.

Columbus Police Chief, Michael Richardson said that “In critical situations, our officers are expected to face unknown dangers head-on and without hesitation.”

Richardson thanked the mayor’s office and Columbus City Council for the equipment to help officers keep the community safe.

Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department. CPD School Resource Officer Sgt. Julie Quesenbery displays the new shields.