Columbus police dog retiring after 12-year career

A Columbus canine police officer is heading into retirement.

The Columbus Police Department announced earlier this week that police dog Argo has retired after 12 years of service to the city. According to the department, Argo was born in Poland in 2012 and brought to the U.S. where he was trained for police patrols and narcotics detection.

Argo had more than 3,000 training hours during his career. He was responsible for 482 arests and 443 narcotics seizures over his career. He searched 105 buildings and was used for 150 trackings. He also helped find a missing child.

Argo is retiring at the age of 13 and will continue to live with his partner and handler, Officer Branch Schrader.

Columbus Mayor Mary Ferdon declared K-9 Argo Day in Columbus and read a proclamation earlier this week.

Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department