Columbus Redevelopment signs off on BCSC workforce grants

The city of Columbus is giving its first approvals to a $1 million grant to Bartholomew Consolidated Schools to help develop the community’s workforce.

Dr. Jim Roberts, superintendent for the school district, explained to the Columbus Redevelopment Commission yesterday that, as in previous years, the money would go to three programs: about $402,000 for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math initiatives; $267,000 for transition planning; and $330,000 to i-Grad. The transition planning helps move students with disabilities into the workforce or post-secondary education. i-Grad is working toward a 100 percent graduation rates among high school students.

Roberts said that the programs are helping BCSC schools to become the STEM capital of Indiana, with some of the first STEM teachers in the state working in local elementary schools.

This is the eighth year for the grants and they were approved by the Columbus Redevelopment Commission yesterday. All spending of more than $500,000 by the redevelopment commission must be approved by Columbus  City Council.