Columbus residents arrested, gun recovered, during police patrol

Asa Wisler. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

Two wanted Columbus residents were arrested and a handgun recovered during an incident Tuesday evening.

According to reports from the Columbus Police Department, officers were patrolling in the 700 block of Werner Avenue at about 10:20 Tuesday night, when they noticed two people next to a vehicle with its interior light on. Officers identified the two as 41-year-old Asa G. Wisler and 35-year-old Amber D. Morgan, both of Columbus, and both with outstanding warrants for their arrest.

Police took the two into custody and noticed Wisler had an empty holster at his waist. A search recovered a handgun laying on the ground, where Wisler had been standing. An inspection revealed that the serial numbers on the gun had been filed off.

Amber Morgan. Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

Wisler was arrested on new charges of possession of a legend drug, obliterating the identifying marks on a handgun and an outstanding Bartholomew County warrant.

Morgan has three outstanding Bartholomew County warrants and one from Johnson County. She is also facing a charge of making a false identity statement.