Columbus residents facing charges in Franklin County vehicle break-ins

Amanda L. Zeigler. Photo courtesy of Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

Two Columbus residents were arrested in Franklin County Wednesday on more than 30 counts involving theft and conspiracy to commit identity theft.

According to a report from the Franklin County Sheriffs’ Department, 33-year-old Dustin A. Hurley and 31-year-old Amanda L. Zeigler, both of Columbus were arrested on 37 preliminary charges for their role in a series of vehicle break-ins over several weeks there. That comes after a week-long investigation into the crimes.

The two are being held in the Dearborn County Jail on unrelated charges. Deputies say more charges could be forthcoming from other counties.

Police urge you to lock your vehicles and to remove any valuables from inside.

Dustin A. Hurley. Photo courtesy of Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.