Columbus to restart yard waste pickups on Monday

The city of Columbus is starting up its yard waste program again on Monday.

To have your yard waste picked up by city crews, you need to have a “Toter” brand yard waste container, which can be be purchased at Lowe’s. You need to have your  Toter and small piles of sticks out to the curb by 7 a.m. on your trash day. You can put up to an armful of sticks or twigs in your regular trash Toter.

You can also participate in the yard waste program by bagging your materials and taking them to the Department of Public Works building on Mapleton. You must empty the bags and take them with you.

The city is also having a spring yard cleanup from April 4th through April 15th.

You can clean up your yard, flower beds and fence rows by raking plant debris such as loose leaves, grass, and pine needles to the curb. They will be collected with the city’s leaf vacs on the same day as your normal trash collection.

The two-week spring cleanup is available even for those who do not take part in the city’s yard waste Toter program.

You can get more information on the city website at