Coronavirus roundup for April 3rd: State deaths top 100; SNAP benefits increasing

State releases COVID-19 infection numbers

Indiana hit a grim new milestone with the number of deaths in the state from COVID-19 passing a hundred.

The new death total of 102 also now surpasses the number of deaths from the seasonal flu recorded in Indiana from October through early March. The state recorded 101 deaths during the flu season.

The Indiana State Department of Health is reporting 3,437 positive test results for COVID-19 in the state in its Friday morning update. There have been 16,900 tests reported to the health department.

Bartholomew County has 23 positive test results, with 70 in Decatur, 31 in Jennings, 25 in Jackson, 3 in Brown, 136 in Johnson and 26 in Shelby counties.

Marion County has the highest number in the state with 1,429 confirmed cases.

SNAP benefits increasing to max levels

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration announced today that more than 152,000 Indiana households will receive additional Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits when April distributions begin this Sunday.

The additional funds are intended to help Hoosiers obtain food and support for their families while Indiana responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act gives states the option to provide SNAP households with the maximum SNAP allotment, which is based on household size.

SNAP households which are not currently receiving the maximum allotment will receive additional benefits which bring their allotment amount to the maximum. Households already receiving the maximum benefit will not receive additional benefits.

Maximum amounts per household size are as follows:

Number in SNAP household
Maximum benefit
1 $194
2 $355
3 $509
4 $646
5 $768
6 $921
7 $1,018
8 $1,164

Each additional person Add $146

Indiana SNAP recipients receive their benefits via electronic benefit transfer according to a schedule based on the first letter of their last name. Each month, distribution starts on the 5th and concludes on the 23rd.

All new applications authorized in April will also receive the maximum allotment for their household size. FSSA is working to inform various partners and stakeholders, including retailers, of the change to help them inform and explain to SNAP recipients the reason for the additional allotment.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program provides food assistance to low and no income people and families living in the United States. It is a federal aid program administered by the Food and Nutrition Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Distribution of benefits occurs at the state level. In February 2020, 559,600 Hoosiers from approximately 253,658 households across Indiana received SNAP benefits.