Coronavirus update for April 8th: County death rate remains stable, cases grow

The number of deaths from COVID-19 remain unchanged in Bartholomew County and most surrounding counties, while the number of cases continue to climb.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, Bartholomew County has had four deaths from the disease, unchanged from Tuesday morning’s update. Johnson has had 8 deaths, an increase of 1, and Shelby County has its first death. Decatur and Brown counties remain unchanged, with 6 in Decatur and 1 death in Brown. There have been no deaths in Jackson or Jennings counties.

Statewide there are 5,943 positive results and have been 203 deaths, an increase of 33 since Tuesday morning’s tally.

There are 66 confirmed cases in Bartholomew County, an increase of 11 confirmed since yesterday. According to the county health department, there have been 666 total tests of county residents, of which 460 have been negative and 85 are still pending.

Decatur County has 99 cases, Jennings 42, Jackson 46, Brown 9, Johnson 230 and Shelby County 56.

Marion County leads the state with 58 deaths and 2,290 cases.