Coroner’s office: Another record year for drug overdose deaths

The Bartholomew County Coroner’s Office is reporting a record number of overdose deaths in the county last year.

Coroner Clayton Nolting released the report for 2022, showing 39 overdose deaths. That compares to 33 in 2021 and 31 in 2020, also record highs at their time.

Nolting said that most overdose deaths involve multiple drugs, with only 12 being caused by a single drug. Fentanyl was the leading drug involved in deaths, showing up in 27 of the 39 cases. The second most seen drug was methamphetamine, which was involved in 26 cases.

16 overdose deaths showed both fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Other common drugs included THC and Gabapentin, a prescription anti-convulsant.

Overall, the coroner’s office investigated 160 deaths last year. Of hose 92 were natural, 58 accidents, six suicides and four homicides.