County closing on sale of Fox Pointe medical offices

Bartholomew County is getting close to finalizing the sale of an office building on Fox Pointe Drive bought to house the county health department.

Commissioners say that the planned closing for the medical office building on Fox Pointe Drive is set for tomorrow afternoon. The county bought the property in 2016 for about $450 thousand dollars according to County Auditor Pia O’Connor and is selling it for $625,000.

The health department has since moved across the parking lot and the building was no longer needed. County Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz said that of the three units in the building, the health department filled one and the other two were rented out and provided positive cash flow for the county. But the county commissioners have decided they did not want to compete with private landlords.

Kleinhenz said that appraisals were done on the building to find its value before putting it up for sale. Foreman Investments is purchasing the building. They already own office space in the vicinity.