County contracts with vendor to schedule off-duty deputies

Bartholomew County will be contracting with an outside vendor to manage the scheduling of off-duty deputies for security at community functions and businesses.

The Bartholomew County Commissioners approved the contract at their Monday meeting with a company called Off Duty Management to provide the scheduling service. Capt. Dave Steinkoenig with the department said that it has been a sheriff’s department staff member making those arrangements, which require a significant amount of staff time.

But the biggest benefit for the county will be that the outside company will provide insurance to the event organizers covering the deputies and pick up the cost of workman’s comp insurance for the deputies that are working at events or businesses, Steinkoenig said. County attorney Grant Tucker explained that there has been no workman’s comp insurance for those deputies who might be injured working during their off hours. The organizations using the deputies services have traditionally had contracts indemnifying the county while using deputies for security.

There will be no costs to the county for the two-year contract. All the costs will be passed on to those seeking the deputies’ presence at their events and businesses.