CRH eases more visitor restrictions at hospital

Columbus Regional Health is relaxing more restrictions on visitors at the hospital.

The hospital is announcing that patients will now be allowed up to two designated visitors or support people at the same time. That includes COVID-positive patients.

The increase in visitor options will still require heightened safety protocols and guidelines, including mask requirements.

Visitors must be 14 years old or older and they must pass a screening. You will be issued a sticker by the screening staff that must be worn at all times. All visitors must wear a mask and patients in double-bed rooms are asked to keep their mask on at all times, even inside the patient room. If you are visiting a COVID-19 patient, you will be advised to wear a powered air-purifying respirator.

The visitation policy for Birthing Center and Mental Health patients remains largely unchanged.

  • Two support persons over age 18, such as a spouse, partner, sibling, or another person chosen by the patient (e.g. a Doula) may be allowed while the mother is in labor and delivery only.
  • One support person may be with the mother throughout her stay.
  • Postpartum, in addition to having one support person throughout her stay, the mother may have one visitor, age 18 or older, per day between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m.
  • Two individuals may be designated to visit pediatric patients in the Level II nursery – only one support person may visit at a time each day.

The hospital staff says that the safety of the workforce and of the patients remains their top priority.